Marvel And DC Haven't Called John David Washington Yet

John David Washington, the star of the upcoming Tenet, has been fan cast in several super hero roles by Marvel and DC fans. Some want to see him as Green Lantern in a DC Comics movie. There are lists of suggestions across the internet from both media outlets and fans across social media. This is likely something which will only continue after audiences see the actor in Tenet, a film which got a perfect 5-star review from However, Washington has not been approached by Disney or Warner Brothers for a role in any of those movies just yet.

"Yeah, bring it on, man,' Washington said when asked by if he's interested in joining a super hero franchise. "I never had a conversation, they don't really reach out to me."

Still, as time travel has only recently been introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and teased for a bigger payoff in the DC Comics movies, it is Tenet which is coming along and executing on the plot device in excellent fashion. "I do feel like Tenet, the Protagonist, if he fits in that world, I think what Christopher [Nolan] has created is a superhero in some way. So, like, who can fight inverted?"

It certainly took a super heroic effort to bring Tenet to life. Washington and his co-stars had to learn how to do several physical movements completely in reverse as a means to prevent the film from having to use visual effects. For Washington, the action which was most criticized when he tried to do it in reverse was none other than blinking his eyes.

"I mean, believe it or not the blinking, I got a couple of notes on my blinking when we were in inverted world," Washington explains. "And then obviously just the throws and the knowing how to catch a punch and evade a punch backwards. The defensive moves became the attack moves, the attack moves become defensive moves. So that concept as a whole just took a while to get a hold of and grasp."


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Tenet is now playing in theaters everywhere theaters are open.