Michael B. Jordan Says No Cheesy Superhero Outfits In Fantastic Four, Will Have More Modern Costumes

Michael B. Jordan Human Torch

In an interview with Wonderwall, Michael B. Jordan spoke, briefly, about his upcoming role as the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four reboot film.

Specifically, Jordan commented on the costumes that he and the other members of the team will be wearing in the film, saying that they shied away from typical superhero fare and went for something more modern.

"How did I feel about wearing spandex? The costume part wasn't that bad. I think we did a really good job at making it modern, new, fresh without going to the cheesy superhero outfits. We didn't take the easy way out at all. So I didn't mind it so much."

These comments come shortly after Miles Teller, the film's Mr. Fantastic, made some remarks about the film not being set in an "overly comic-book world."

Jordan also shared what advice the previous Human Torch, Chris Evans, gave to him about playing the role, which seems to have been none.


"It's so hard to give advice when it comes to a role like this because at the end of the day, we all do what we do. He is great at what he does as an actor. It's not something to imitate. You just have to give your own take. He told me 'I think you're going to do a great job. Go out there and just have fun.' That's the approach that I took: Just enjoy it and have a good time. Don't overthink it."

The Fantastic Four is due out in theaters August 7, 2015.