Michael Keaton In Talks to Play Batman in Ezra Miller's Flashpoint Movie

The movie, comics, and TV news cycle keeps getting better DC fans lately. First, DC fans won their [...]

The movie, comics, and TV news cycle keeps getting better DC fans lately. First, DC fans won their war in getting Zack Snyder's Justice League released on HBO Max in 2021. Then, Warner Brothers announced an exciting DC FanDome event for August. Now, exclusive news of an upcoming film will have the biggest DC Comics fans quite excited: Michael Keaton is going to play Batman in the Flashpoint movie. Keaton is in talks to play Bruce Wayne in the film but the deal has not yet be completed to bring him in to the film just yet.

The Flashpoint film will star Ezra Miller as The Flash and pick up on his DCEU ties which began in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and continued in Justice League. The Flashpoint movie will seemingly tie the DC cinematic multiverse together, including Batman and Batman Returns star Keaton reprising his role as the Caped Crusader. Keaton last suited up as the DC Comics hero in 1992. He is still in early talks for the part but it will see him portray Bruce Wayne in a story which pulls the Multiverse together, something DC's live-action properties first dipped its feet into with CW's Crisis crossover which saw Miller's Barry Allen meeting Grant Gustin's version of the character from The Flash TV series.

Keaton has seen an impressive resurgence in his career. Ironically, after starring in Birdman, he has appeared in the Spider-Man films as the Vulture. Birdman compiled a handful of former super hero film actors in a movie about an actor who once portrayed a super hero in film and essentially grew to hate the idea of it. He will be reprising the role in Morbius, out in theaters 2021.

There is no word on what this could mean for other actors which might have portrayed a version of Batman in Flashpoint. Jeffrey Dean Morgan portrayed Thomas Wayne in Batman v Superman, a character who becomes Batman in the Flashpoint comics story, and Ben Affleck is the actor who portrayed Bruce Wayne with Miller's Barry Allen in previous films. Whether or not ether will reprise their respective roles is currently unknown.

The Flash is currently set for release on June 2, 2022.

This news was first reported by TheWrap.