Monster Squad Star Suffers Heart Attack, and the Internet Is There For Him

Andre Gower is the star of the '80s cult classic The Monster Squad, and director of the [...]


Andre Gower is the star of the '80s cult classic The Monster Squad, and director of the documentary Wolfman's Got Nards, which covered the film's production and its journey from box office disappointment to cult classic. And now, he's in the hospital, recovering from a heart attack. Online retailer SuperYaki -- who recently released a 20th anniversary collection of clothes and accessories for Josie and the Pussycats -- has joined forces with online supporters who have been helping Gower cover his medical expenses via a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe. The retailer is offering fans a chance to own a t-shirt with a special connection to Gower's career.

In The Monster Squad, Gower's character famously wears a red t-shirt with yellow lettering that reads "Stephen King rules." It's this t-shirt that provides SuperYaki with an inspiration.

You can see their tweet (along with an image of the tee) below.

The tee gives fans an "excuse" to buy something, the proceeds from which will go to Gower's medical care. If you don't need the t-shirt, but still want to help out, he's got a GoFundMe set up by friends who are hoping to offset his significant medical expenses.

Here's the story, per the GoFundMe page:

Andre Gower is a healthy and extremely active 48 years young.

He eats right. He takes his supplements. He just finished an Instagram campaign in June 2021 called #activewithandre where, for 30 days, he encouraged folks of all abilities all over the globe to do just one thing within their comfort zones to take care of themselves, and share their experiences as part of a self-care initiative.

Basically, he does what he's supposed to - what we're all told to do - to live a long, healthy life.

But during an ordinary round of tennis with a friend on Saturday, July 3, Andre suffered a massive heart attack caused by a blood clot, landing multiple days in intensive care. He was saved with mere minutes to spare.