Joe Bob Briggs Teases Official MonsterVision Release

joe bob briggs drive-in never die
(Photo: Shudder)

Joe Bob Briggs has been a personality in the horror community for decades, having hosted a number of different programs on a number of different platforms, with the personality recently teasing that his MonsterVision TV series, which aired on TNT, could be getting an official release in the near future. While the films that he aired on the broadcast have been made available in a variety of ways over the years, the experience isn't quite the same without Briggs interjecting his own wit and wisdom about the films, with fans previously having to rely on poor quality videos being uploaded to various corners of the internet to relive the series.

"Just a heads up. Anyone offering MonsterVision 'box sets,' DVDs, etc., is a bootlegger, and your $50 to $80 is gonna get you an incredibly crappy image, even worse than what you can already find on YouTube," Briggs shared on Twitter. "Just wait a few months and we'll have something official."

With the program having concluded in 2000 after launching in 1991, only having to potentially wait a few months to revisit the series will surely feel like a short time to most fans. However, it's unclear exactly what Briggs is planning on, especially considering how the world distances itself from physical media every day.

A physical release of the series isn't entirely out of the picture, as another iconic horror host, Elvira, has released multiple volumes of her Elvira's Movie Macabre over the years, but with Briggs' tenure on MonsterVision consisting of hundreds of titles, it would seem like a difficult endeavor to release so many episodes on physical media. However, his comments specifically addressing DVDs paired with the remark "something official" might lead us to believe he's specifically referencing such a release.

Whatever the future might hold for MonsterVision, Briggs fans still have the opportunity to tune in to two seasons of The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs on Shudder, in addition to multiple of the host's specials on the streaming service. After more than 15 years off the air, Briggs returned in 2018 to host a 24-hour marathon that was meant to serve as a send-off for the host. The event was so popular, Shudder enlisted Briggs not only for more specials, but also his own weekly series of double features. In fact, due to that positive relationship between the platform and the host, we wouldn't be surprised to see select seasons of MonsterVision be made available on the service.


Stay tuned for details on MonsterVision's future.

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