Mulan Actress Yifei Liu Reveals Her Grandmother Is Still in Wuhan, Epicenter of Coronavirus

Mulan’s Liu Yifei revealed that her grandmother is still staying in the epicenter of the [...]

Mulan's Liu Yifei revealed that her grandmother is still staying in the epicenter of the Coronavirus. The star talked to Variety about a bunch of topics on the red carpet for the film. Liu is actually from Wuhan, so she has ties to the region. However, things have tightened up in that area after the virus has spread around the world. "Yeah, my grandma is still in Wuhan," the actress explained. "She's doing good, thank you so much." She has a pretty cheerful tone, but the situation must be at least a little concerning so far away.

Earlier in the same conversation, she was asked about the three characters engraved on her character's sword in the film. The Chinese characters for loyal, brave, and true are present on the weapon. All of the army held those values dearly in the world of the story. For Liu, those three words are more like principles that guide Mulan throughout her journey. It's a nice touch that edits the original movie even more. While giving the proceedings a chance to really expand those overarching themes. For better and for worse, this year's film is choosing to forge its own path rather than remaining devoted to the original film.

"Loyal, brave, true to her family, and also to her true self," Liu explained. "I'm so proud to be an Asian and just knowing that if we think of something, we're gonna have the opportunity to be the best version of ourselves and be the best."

Earlier in the run up to the film, the actress faced some scrutiny after her comments about the Hong Kong protests last year. There were people talking about boycotting the film. Some even considered a protest at Shanghai's Disneyland. Now, with other things in the news, most of that talk has faded away. But, the question of how high Mulan climbs at the box office will be of great significance to industry professionals and fans alike. With the Coronavirus spreading, it remains to be seen just how the rest of the year's slate will be handled.

Initial reactions to Mulan have already made their way to social media this week. The majority of them are positive, but with so much anxiety in the air, it is all but impossible to accurately predict how this theatrical run will go. For now, everyone will have to wait and see what happens.

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Mulan is scheduled to release on March 27th.