Netflix Officially Announces 'Bright' Sequel

Bright may have been extremely polarizing, but that didn't stop millions of Netflix users from tuning in. In fact, so many people watched the film that the streaming service has officially announced a sequel.

While it was reported last month that Netflix had already ordered a sequel to Daivd Ayer's Bright, the company made things official in 2018. Using a tweet on the the official Bright Twitter account, Netflix announced that a sequel is officially happening.

Stars Will Smith and Joel Edgerton are both expected to reprise their roles in the sequel, and David Ayer will likely return as director.

You can watch the full announcement from Netflix and Bright in the video below!

The video featured a couple of orcs who wanted to audition for a Bright sequel. After they made their cases for why they should be in the film, the footage switched over to potential titles for the next Bright film, and they were funnier than you might have expected.


Bright 2, Brighter, Bad Boys in Mordor, Orcs Gone Wild, The Last Inferni and Wand Wars were all up for contention before the video noted that the "title still needs work."

No potential release date for the Bright sequel has been revealed at this time.