New Borat Video Shows His Daughter Infiltrating Donald Trump's White House

More than a decade after Sacha Baron Cohen's parody prank film Borat first premiered in theaters, [...]

More than a decade after Sacha Baron Cohen's parody prank film Borat first premiered in theaters, the fourth best journalist from Kazakhstan has finally returned in an exclusive new movie for Amazon Prime. The new flick tackles the tumultuous political divide in modern United States due to the contentious presidential election as well as the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but it's Borat 2's focus on the White House that has made a lot of headlines surrounding the film's release. Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm is now stirring up more controversy for a deleted scene with Borat's teen daughter Tutar infiltrating the White House.

Tutar, played by newcomer Maria Bakalova, attends press events at the White House as a guest for right-wing outlet OANN. Tutar is shown alongside OANN reporter Chanel Rion, interacting with Donald Trump Jr. and other members of the campaign.

According to the tweet from the Borat movie's official account, actress Bakalova went through minimal security checks and was even allowed into the building without taking a rapid test to screen for COVID-19.

Borat 2 already created controversy for the Trump campaign for a prank involving Rudy Giuliani in which Bakalova conducted an interview with Trump's personal lawyer that became very flirtatious. The scene culminated with the two retreating further into the hotel bedroom where the interview was taking place, Bakalova removing a microphone, and then Giuliani touching the interviewer and reaching into his pants before Cohen burst into the room clad in lingerie.

Cohen's Borat screamed that his daughter is only 15 but that he would be more than willing to take her place. Giuliani quickly storms out of the hotel room while Bakalova and Cohen run through the streets, avoiding the sounds of police sirens.

Shortly after, Cohen issued a statement in character as Borat. In the statement, he claims to be defending Giuliani though the innuendo indicates otherwise.

"I am here to defend America's mayor, Rudolph Giuliani. What was an innocent sexy time encounter between a consenting man and my 15-year-old daughter has been turned into something disgusting by the fake news media," Borat said. "I warn you, anyone else try this and Rudolph will not hesitate to reach into his legal briefs and whip out his subpoenas."

Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. Are you excited for the return of Sacha Baron Cohen's popular character? Be sure to let us know in the comments!