New Dennis The Menace Movie In The Works

(Photo: Hank Ketcham)

Warner Bros is teaming with producer Gil Netter to bring Dennis the Menace back to the big screen after more than twenty years, Tracking Board reports. The intentions are there, anyway, though no writer, director, and certainly no stars have been attached as of yet.

The studio is making it a priority, however, looking for a new family franchise to compliment their young adult and adult movies like their DC Comics franchise they're currently building. Netter is also currently producing The Graveyard Book, an adaptation of a Neil Gaiman novel.


Dennis the Menace, a comic strip by Hank Ketcham that debuted in 1951, has been adapted as an animated series, live action series, and multiple films, though only the 1993 one saw theaters; other recent films have gone direct-to-dvd.