Next Blade Movie Rumored To Be Based On New Female Blade

A new rumor hints at the next Blade movie focusing on the original Blade's daughter, who is to be introduced in one of Marvel's "All-New All-Different" titles launching this fall.

Bleeding Cool reports the rumor, saying that this new development is likely why the series was delayed:

I understand from well-connected sources that this is due to careful concern from up above the food chain, that the character and the comic are suddenly considered extremely important by the bean counters, and the multi-media folk.

That sudden interest among the higher-ups is supposedly due to the movie plans. Blade was the first successful movie based on a Marvel Character, and fans have been wondering what Marvel might do with the franchise and character since the movie rights returned to them.


Original Blade star Wesley Snipes let slip that he's been talking to Marvel about returning to the character. If that's the case, it may be in a fatherly role, rather than as the franchise's leading man.