Nobody: Go Behind the Scenes of the Intense Action of the Home Invasion in New Clip (Exclusive)

In honor of the action film Nobody now being available in your home, we have an exclusive look [...]

In honor of the action film Nobody now being available in your home, we have an exclusive look behind the scenes of how one of the deadlier scenes in the film came together, which features a group of unwanted visitors confronting Bob Odenkirk's Hutch. The glimpse behind the scenes shows off how director Ilya Naishuller put in a lot of work ahead of time to precisely craft how the sequence would unfold using pre-visualization, but also how he was open to improvising in the moment. Check out the clip above and watch Nobody on Digital HD now before it hits Blu-ray and DVD on June 22nd.

In the film, Emmy winner Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul, The Post, Nebraska) stars as Hutch Mansell, an underestimated and overlooked dad and husband, taking life's indignities on the chin and never pushing back. A nobody. When two thieves break into his suburban home one night, Hutch declines to defend himself or his family, hoping to prevent serious violence. His teenage son, Blake (Gage Munroe, The Shack), is disappointed in him and his wife, Becca (Connie Nielsen, Wonder Woman), seems to pull only further away. The aftermath of the incident strikes a match to Hutch's long-simmering rage, triggering dormant instincts and propelling him on a brutal path that will surface dark secrets and lethal skills. In a barrage of fists, gunfire, and squealing tires, Hutch must save his family from a dangerous adversary (famed Russian actor Aleksey Serebryakov, Amazon's McMafia) — and ensure that he will never be underestimated as a nobody again.

Sitting at 83% positive reviews on aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes, Nobody is one of the year's biggest action hits, leading many audiences to wonder if this could be an all-new series. Earlier this year, writer Derek Kolstad teased that nothing official had taken shape, but that the shooting process resulted in a lot of brainstorming.

"I got to tell you, even before the first one started shooting, we would riff on it. Like, 'Where can we go? What can we do?'" Kolstad shared with "It's a joy because I really do believe that the best idea wins, and when you are imagining when you're 11 years old, hanging out on the playground or wandering about with your buddies, playing video games and you go, 'You know what would be cool? Is if Boba Fett fought so-and-so.' That's where we are with Nobody 2. In talking to Bob and talking to Ilya, I want to do as many of these as we can just because it was an absolute joy."

He continued, "With Nobody 2, 3, 4, or however they want to do, it's going to be Bob Odenkirk bringing a soul and levity to a character that oftentimes is just simply a faceless denizen of badass-dom. What he brings to it is love and hope and joy and that frailty of the smirk. Dude, I want to do this one forever. I know we always say those in the press but, God damn it, this is true."

Nobody is out now on Digital HD and hits Blu-ray and DVD on June 22nd.

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