One of the Year's Best Movies is Returning to Theaters This Weekend

One of this year's best films is going back to theaters this weekend. If you wanted to see Everything Everywhere All at Once on a big screen, now is going to be your chance. (Or, if you wanted to double or triple up, you've been given the opportunity.) A24 is still riding high off of Michelle Yeoh's multiverse adventure movie. Fans and critics alike have sung its praises online and at the box office. Everything Everywhere All at Once managed to snare over $50 million in theaters the first time around. That staggering number came despite the movie not playing in as many theaters as most offerings. A24's mega-hit also didn't have the luxury of being attached to a large franchise. So, it's a victory for both small movie projects and theaters who can point to something outside of giant blockbusters to keep the lights on. 

He Huy Quan is one of the massive bright-spots in Everything Everywhere All at Once. spoke to the star about his experience making this movie. During the interview, the actor explained how surprised he was by the outpouring of support from fans all over the world. He had been away from the limelight for so long that he was doubtful that this kind of notoriety would ever come his way again.

"Well, one, for Asian audiences, I think my return is a testament to how important, not just for Asians, but all groups of people, it is to be represented in entertainment," he explained. "Until you see it, you still can't believe that it can also be you up there on the screen. I hope with my return, all those people out there that share in the same dream, whether they are old or young, that lay dormant, I hope our movie does to these dreamers what Crazy Rich Asians did for me."

"You mentioned empathy, and empathy is really important because it creates a pathway for understanding and acceptance. I think one of the beautiful messages in our film is to accept each other for who they are," the actor continued. "We are all entitled to be uniquely ourselves and to feel simply enough. If people watch our movie and if there's one message that they can take away from it, it's that: please be understanding and be accepting of each other. At this time, more than anything else, that's what we really need." 

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