Pacific Rim 2 Reportedly Halted Indefinitely

Development on Pacific Rim 2 has been halted indefinitely, according to a report from The Hollywood Reporter. The news comes as part of a larger story on Legendary's increasingly tense relationship with Warner Bros, who produced the first film, and Universal.

The report suggests that Legendary's relationship with Universal soured over the disappointing performance of films Blackhat and Seventh Son, concerns over upcoming Legendary films Warcraft and The Great Wall, and the feeling that Legendary CEO Thomas Tull has taken an undue amount of credit for the success of Universal's Jurassic World, which Legendary helped finance.

This has sent Tull back to Warner Bros, who will produce Kong: Skull Island, the next installment of Legendary's Godzilla reboot, and the Kong vs. Godzilla crossover film that will follow. However, Warner Bros. is said to still be leery of Tull after claimed credit for the success of The Dark Knight, another film Legendary helped finance.

This all puts the future of Pacific Rim in a nebulous place. The original Pacific Rim brought in $411 million worldwide, but its production budget was high enough to make the profitability of a sequel questionable, despite the film hitting big in China. The report suggests the sequel will be pushed back from its August 2017 release date, if it is ever made at all.