Rian Johnson Says "All Bets Are Off" for Knives Out Sequel

This week saw the announcement of a brand new film in the Knives Out universe, a sequel that seems to promise another thrilling mystery from the Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Rian Johnson. And while the Star Wars director has teased some of his plans for a possible followup to the murder mystery, teasing a major change in the vein of Agatha Christie's series featuring a keen-eyed detective, it's still the beginning of a brand new franchise with a lot of promise. But now Johnson is opening up about his ideas for the new movie.

While speaking with Variety on the red carpet for the Academy Awards, Johnson confirmed that the movie will feature the return of the enigmatic investigator played by Daniel Craig.

"It's going to be Daniel playing Benoit Blanc, the detective. Other than that, all bets are off. It's a totally new cast," Johnson said.

Considering the massive list of talented actors that he filled in Knives Out, which included Jamie Lee Curtis, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Toni Collette, Michael Shannon, and many more, Johnson has a tall order for matching this cast. So who does he have in mind for the next movie?

"I want everybody! Just point. Throw a rock on this red carpet and you'll hit someone that I want in the movie," Johnson said.

The filmmaker previously revealed more details during an interview on Sirius XM, where he explained that he's taking a page directly out of the classic murder mysteries that have captivated audiences for so long.

"In my mind, I don't even think of it in terms of like a sequel… Ever since we started working on this I was like, look, if we can keep this going, the same way Agatha Christie wrote a bunch of Poirot novels. I mean, do that with Blanc and keep making more mysteries. Whole new cast, whole new location, whole new mystery. It's just another Benoit Blanc mystery and it seems like there's just so many different things you can do with it, you know? It seems like it'd be really fun."


Knives Out is now available on Digital HD. Blu-ray drops on February 25th.

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