Ryan Reynolds Answers Adorable Question From Young Fan About Kissing in Movies

Ryan Reynolds has been busy promoting his new movie, The Adam Project, which hit Netflix last week. The movie is currently up on Rotten Tomatoes with a 68% critics score after 167 reviews and a 79% audience score after 1000+ reviews. ComicBook.com gave the new movie a 3.5 out of 5, saying it "doesn't live up to its potential," but "it's still a pleasant experience that is catered to the whole family." The movie also stars Walker Scobell as the 12-year-old version of Reynolds' character, which means the movie is a big draw for kids. Recently, we've seen some cute interactions with Reynolds and his younger fans, and a new video shared by Netflix shows an adorable moment from a recent Q&A in which a kid asks the star a hard-hitting question.

"For Ryan, in the scene where you were kissing the girl, was that real?" a young boy asked in the audience. Reynolds had a great response, first pretending that it was his wife, Blake Lively, asking the question. The actor also admitted that it was hard to answer, and he joked that he gets the same question from his own kids. "I guess it kind of was real, yeah?" he admitted. "Did I mean it?" he asked with a shrug. You can check out the very cute video in the post below:

In another recent adorable interaction, two kid interviewers grilled Reynolds about his faux feud with Hugh Jackman, asking the actor "why he's so mean to 'The Greatest Showman?'" 

"OK, Luna. These are the kinds of questions I like," Reynolds replied with a laugh. "I know for a fact he's the one who named that movie ... 'The Greatest Showman.' Why not just call the movie Super Awesome Hugh Jackman?" He added, "I think it's pathetic and disgusting that he called the movie that. And I think it's pathetic and disgusting that he insists people call him 'The Greatest Showman' everywhere he goes, including you, just young, impressionable kids. Goodness gracious."

Reynolds has said The Adam Project feels like "'80s wish-fulfillment." The movie will see him as a man who goes back in time to get help from his younger self (Scobell) to find their father (Mark Ruffalo) to save the future. The movie also stars Catherine Keener, Jennifer Garner, and Zoe Saldana. According to Reynolds, the movie is meant to feel like The Goonies, E.T., and other hits of the 1980s. 

The Adam Project is now streaming on Netflix.