Ryan Reynolds Wept When He Saw The Deadpool Costume For The First Time

This weekend at San Diego Comic Con 2015, fans got their first full taste of what to expect from Deadpool's feature film debut hitting next year. Full of salty language, jokes and action, one of the biggest highlights of the footage was seeing the costume in action. When fans got their first glimpse at Ryan Reynolds in the official Deadpool costume, there was an overwhelming wave of praise for how great it looked and for being the most accurate of comic book representations.

Comicbook.com had the chance to sit down with Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds, so we asked him what it was like when he saw the costume for the first time and what it was like to be in it. Reynolds explained that the road to the final costume wasn't always easy, but the end result was absolutely worth it.

Here's the thing with the Deadpool costume, we fought like hell to get that as though it jumped right out of the comic. Our goal was to make this the most faithful comic book to movie adaptation fans have ever seen. That's hard to accomplish and a feat, but we're just so happy with how this came out. But boy, we had to fight to get the suit to where it is now. There was a lot of work with very little time. Fox gave us the green light and we had to be on camera in twelve weeks. That's NO time for prep. So we kept fighting and fighting to make tweaks to the suit. Like when the deadline has passed and we were still going back and forth.

The best part of that conversation though came when I asked Ryan what his immediate reaction was to seeing the actual costume, done and ready to be worn.

When we finally saw that suit, fully done, finished and completed…both Tim Miller and I wept. I'm not even exaggerating, we wept in Simi Valley California in some warehouse where some guy makes all these crazy suits and had this one under a spotlight. We walked in and we wept. Tears coming down our cheeks. It felt so good.

Stay tuned to ComicBook.com for more of our chat with Reynolds and the rest of the Deadpool cast over the next few days as we recover from San Diego Comic Con.

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Deadpool hits theaters on Feb. 12, 2016. You can check out every other upcoming Marvel movie on ComicBook.com's Comic Book Movie Release Schedule!