First Look at Samuel L. Jackson's Mr. Glass in 'Unbreakable' Sequel Surfaces Online

With Unbreakable and Split in the rearview, M. Night Shyamalan is currently filming his secret sequel to both films, Glass. Samuel L. Jackson is reprising his classic role as the villainous Mr. Glass in the upcoming movie, and the first photo of the character from the set has now surfaced online.

Rolling around in his wheelchair, just as he did in the original Unbreakable, Jackson's Mr. Glass looks as menacing as ever.

For those who remember, Glass was revealed as Unbreakable's big villain at the very end of the film. He had been playing David Dunn (Bruce Willis) all along. The character was wheelchair-bound as he had a disease which made him extremely fragile, ultimately leading to his choice to become a villain.

Glass is sporting a new jacket in this film, which looks a bit more regal than the underground outfit he was sporting back in 2000. It seems as though Glass has taken his role as the villain to new heights in this film.

Shyamalan kept the Glass project a secret up until the release of Split earlier this year. While the film was about a group of teenagers trying to escape a man with multiple personalities, it was actually a hidden sequel to Unbreakable. At the end of the film, David Dunn appeared to the audience, connecting the stories of the two films.


Glass, which is set to hit theaters in January 2019, will act a sequel to both Split and Unbreakable.