SCOOB! Filmmakers Want to Set Up a New Shared Universe

If you've seen SCOOB!, you'll know by now the feature was packed to the brim not only with characters from the Scooby-Doo! franchise, but characters from all corners of the Hanna-Barbera stable. As you might imagine, this is entirely by design as Warner Brothers intends to launch an animated cinematic universe out of the feature. In one recent stop on the press tour for the film, both director Tony Cervone and animation lead Bill Haller suggest the studio could go all kinds of ways with the future of the franchise.

According to Cervone, SCOOB! launched an all-new, alternate universe separate from the classic Hanna-Barbera tales of yesteryear. “I do feel like this Hanna-Barbera universe is kind of a separate universe and acts as its own thing,” Cervone tells Den of Geek. “So we were able to be like, ‘We’re gonna create an alternate universe where all these things can happen.’ That gave us some liberty, but we tried really hard to maintain the things that we already love about the characters, and then do more because you have to do both. You have to honor the past and honor our collective memory while also having to do something new.”

As Haller says, the options are virtually limitless when you have a massive library full of Hanna-Barbera characters. "I kind of want to spend more time with those kids and tell those early stories," Haller adds. "I love Captain Caveman, I think that guy could have his own movie. I think Brian, Dynomutt, and Dee Dee could have their own series. I want to see more of the Falcon Force. I want to watch that team grow because there’s definitely, even in the credits at the end, you could see that the team is growing. This franchise that has been around for 50 years and my hope is that it will still be going in 50 years from now and in 100 years someone will be making a new Scooby-Doo movie.”

In addition to the regular Scooby-Doo crew, other Hanna-Barbera characters that ended up popping up in the feature include Blue Falcon (Mark Wahlberg), Dee Dee Sykes (Kiersey Clemons), Dynomutt (Ken Jeong), Dick Dastardly (Jason Isaacs), Captain Caveman (Tracy Morgan), and Muttley (Billy West).

SCOOB! is now available through VOD providers.

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