Shang-Chi Toys Reveal Best Look at Costume Yet

Fans are excited to get the movie side of the MCU rolling once Black Widow finally hits theaters and streaming service, and once that begins we can start getting to some of the new characters heading to the universe. That includes Shang-Chi, who will star in Marvel's Shang-Chi And The Legend of the Ten Rings, and now thanks to some new Marvel Legends (shared by SpideyParker24) we have our best look yet at Shang-Chi's costume (via Murphy's Multiverse). We previously got a look at his suit in a LEGO set, but this gives us a look at just about the full suit, aside from the boots, which are covered by the label.

The suit is all red and black, with a red vest-style suit and the logo overlaid over the chest with black material, though the red underneath this section seems to be a bit darker. The sleeves run to his elbows, and there are also black cuffs on those sleeves and black accents on his shoulders and on the sides of his waist. Some of that design on his chest seems to also carry over to his shoulders, but you can't quite see it fully here.

His collar is also black, which helps that design on his chest pop a bit, and he seems to have all black pants to complete the look, though again, we can't see if the boots have any red accents or not.

We also see costumes for Xialing, Wenwu, and Death Dealer, but unlike the LEGO set there isn't a figure of Morris, a little creature that is seen in that previous LEGO set. There's also no Dragon here, but the build-a-figure is of Mr. Hyde.

Shang-Chi star Simu Liu revealed what it was like trying on the costume for the time in a previous interview with the South China Morning Post, and it was definitely a memorable experience.

"I was at my costume fitting yesterday. It was … weird. They take you to a place and they infrared-scan your body and 3D-print you, life-size, so they can fit clothes. There was a 3D-printed me, Awkwafina and Tony Leung. It's crazy," Liu said

Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is slated to hit theaters on September 3rd.


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