Here is what Shia LaBeouf Could Look Like As Wolverine

Thanks to Disney bringing the X-Men and Fantastic Four back under the Marvel movie umbrella, a plethora of dream castings have made the rounds on social media for a number of fan-favorite characters. Most recently that included the casting of Shia LaBeouf as Bobby Drake, otherwise known as Iceman, and that prompted BossLogic to create a version of LaBeouf as the character. As you can see below though, it turned out a bit differently than expected, as BossLogic revealed a pretty convincing version of LaBeouf as Wolverine instead. Thing is, it looks really impressive, and now we can't help but imagine the actor as the lethal mutant in the MCU.

LaBeouf's Wolverine has a few bullet holes from a recent fight, with one on his forehead and one on his chest, though he's just taking it in stride. He has the character's trademark hair and has his claws popped while he's smoking a cigar, and it all makes for one pretty spot on Logan.

BossLogic posted the art with the caption "Shia LaBeouf @thecampaignbook as Iceman...All honesty tho I think I just designed a @RealHughJackman"

You can check out the artwork in the post above.

There's not been much movement on the X-Men MCU front since the deal went through, that is from the outside anyway. Internally we're sure there are plenty of discussions going on about the implementation of the X-Men, though the coronavirus pandemic has also most likely pushed some of that even further out since many of 2020 and 2021 plans have shifted for Marvel as a result of theatres closing.

Whoever gets the role of Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to have some big shoes to fill, as Hugh Jackman has become synonymous with the character and saved his best performance for last with the modern classic Logan. It will be interesting to see what route Marvel goes with the casting, though LaBeouf is an interesting choice to be sure.

Granted, this is purely fan casting, as nothing has linked LaBeouf to the character of Wolverine, so we'll just have to wait and see what happens.


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