Sienna Miller Wants To Play Captain Marvel


During a recent interview in promotion of Burnt, the topic of Marvel movies came up for American Sniper star Sienna Miller. That's not so surprising considering she was sitting next to her co-star, Bradley Cooper, who voices Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy.

However, the interviewer turned the questions to Miller and asked if she would be interested in playing Captain Marvel. Miller, who knew nothing about the character, not even the fact that Captain Marvel is a female, was on board, nonetheless.

After learning Captain Marvel is a female, Miller says she would be up for the role, "If it was a good script."

Cooper looked to Miller and told her, "You should play a super hero."

"I'm not someone who read a lot of comics and I don't really know that world particularly well," Miller admitted, "But it would be quite fun - for my kid as well."


Captain Marvel is set for release March 18, 2019.