SNL: Paul Rudd Talks Ant-Man With Nicolas Cage

SNL Paul Rudd Nicolas Cage

In a "Weekend Update" sketch on Saturday Night Live, the real Paul Rudd appeared on "In The Cage" with Nicolas Cage (as played by Andy Samberg). In the sketch, Cage said, "You're currently preparing to film a movie called Ant-Man about a brilliant thief, who uses his superpowers to shrink down and communicate with bugs." "Yeah, that's right," replied Rudd. "So I guess my first question is 'How am I not in that Movie?' It sounds like it has all the classic elements of a Nic Cage film. One, hot lunches served daily. And two, in between meals, soups were provided," said Cage. "I'm sure you would have made a great Ant-Man," replied Rudd. "Of course, I would. I was born to play a superhero. I have my own natural supersuit, a think, downy layer of coarse body hair, impermeable to bullets. It's like a barbwire electric fence, wrapped around a deranged water bison," said Cage.