Spider-Man 3: Here Is What Sandra Bullock Could Look Like As Madame Web

For over a year, fans have heard rumors that Madame Web could be brought into the Marvel Cinematic Universe via a Spider-Man spinoff co-produced by Sony and Marvel. With the upcoming, third Jon Watts Spider-Man movie seemingly bringing the multiverse into the equation and having a massive cast packed with years of Marvel heroes, fans are wondering whether characters like Venom, Morbius, or even Madame Web might play a role in that film as well. To that end, Instagram user "SPDRMNKYXXIII" has created a piece of cool fan art that imagines actress Sandra Bullock in the role, surrounded by other elements we know to expect from Spider-Man 3.

While Bullock has, to our knowledge, never been credibly linked with the role, she is certainly a fan-favorite leading lady who, without a superhero franchise under her belt yet, has to be somebody studios are wondering about. Best known for her romantic comedies and crowd-pleasing dramas, Bullock has had memorable genre turns in projects like Demolition Man and Bird Box. It's the latter that provides the blindfolded look Bullock sports in the Madame Web image.

You can see the fan-made poster below.

As originally described by ComicBook's Kofi Outlaw when the movie was announced, the Cassandra Webb of the Marvel Comics source material is a mutant born in Salem, Oregon. She is afflicted with a neuromuscular disease that leaves her paralyzed and blind, but has the formidable psychic powers of telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition, allowing her insight into events well beyond the capability of her physical body. Madame Web gets her name from the web-like life-support machine she's hooked into, which looks like a giant spider's web.


Webb has other ties to the Spider-Man universe: she's the grandmother of Charlotte Witter, who became the villain version of Spider-Woman; she's also tied to Julia Carpenter, the second version of Spider-Woman that served on The Avengers. When Cassandra is mortally wounded, she transfers all of her psychic abilities to Julia, making the younger woman into the second Madame Web.

With folks like Robert Downey, Jr. and Chris Evans moving out and being replaced by younger talent, it might seem like an odd time to bring on somebody like Bullock, whose Webb would be closer in age to Tony Stark than Kate Bishop. Given the nature of Madame Web as an old and withered-looking antagonist, though, Bullock would actually make the character significantly younger than most fans might have expected going in.