Spider-Man: Far From Home Hydro-Man Concept Art Reveals a Very Different Look

It's been almost a year since Spider-Man: Far From Home made its way into theaters, providing a completely different take on Marvel Comics' iconic web-slinger. The film took Tom Holland's Peter Parker/Spider-Man outside of his borough of Queens, NY, and saw him fighting crime while also balancing a summer abroad school trip. Part of Far Frome Home pitted Peter against villains dubbed "The Elementals", including a massive version of Hydro-Man. As a new piece of concept art reveals, that water-themed villain almost took on a completely different shape. Jerad S. Marantz recently took to Instagram to share an early design for Hydro-Man, which he says highlighted a sort of "science experiment gone wrong" scenario. The design gives Hydro-Man a much more humanistic look, as well as a sort of wetsuit for a costume.

While the concept art is completely different from what we ultimately saw on the big screen, it Is pretty impressive. And as some fans have pointed out, it actually would be a pretty stellar design for a Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Iceman, the X-Men member who is now on his way to technically being part of the franchise.

It's interesting to see how the designs for the MCU's Hydro-Man got their start, something that the film's creative team has previously spoken about.

“We’d been researching other Spider-Man villains, and we had images of Hydro-Man and [Molten Man] from the ‘60s and ‘70s comics on the wall,” Far From Home co-writer Erik Sommers said in an interview last year. “And we thought, ‘What if we had our version of Hydro-Man? What if we had our version of Molten Man? And what if we did them in a new, modernized MCU way, not like where Hydro-Man is coming out of a gardening hose or a showerhead?’"


“Then we wanted to unify them, so instead of calling them Hydro-Man or Molten Man we called them Elementals so there was a real mythos around them," Sommers continued. "For the most part, they were Hydro-Man, Molten Man, Swarm... but they weren’t actually ‘the Elementals’ when we were kicking around what these false attacks and false flags would be.”

What do you think of this alternate design for Spider-Man: Far From Home's Hydro-Man? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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