Star Wars: Former Boba Fett Director Josh Trank Explains Why Secrecy Made Him Frustrated

With Josh Trank's first film since Fantastic Four being released soon, the director has emerged back in the public eye to promote the Tom Hardy-starring biopic Capone. But he's also opened up about his tumultuous career, including the time he and Lucasfilm parted ways over what could have become Boba Fett: A Star Wars Story. The movie, announced alongside Gareth Edwards' Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, was planned to focus on the titular bounty hunter but was canned after Trank says he quit the project, stemming from the fallout of his controversial take on Fantastic Four.

Now Trank was recently asked about the project by ComicBookMovie, where he explained the massive amount of secrecy surrounding the Boba Fett movie ultimately helped lead him to walk away.

"The simple answer is, I signed so many NDAs that there would be no possible way I could discuss that in a responsible manner," said Trank. "What I would say is that as a filmmaker, why I'm so excited to be talking about [Capone] and why I'm so excited about everything going forward as opposed to where I was when I was working on Boba Fett and Fantastic Four and all of these other extremely high profile, very secretive projects, is the fact that I'm not a very secretive person by nature, and when you're working on those kinds of movies, you're not allowed to talk about anything you're doing."

Trank added, "You also know that everybody who loves these movies and loves what you love, they want to know about what's going on and you want to talk about it so desperately because you want to share that with everybody and you don't want to close yourself off from the community of fandom that you relate to. There's no way I can talk about any of that stuff, except that it was something that obviously I was so excited about."

The director did express admiration for the people he worked with at Lucasfilm, praising their contributions and friendships in his life.


"The fact that all of the people at Lucasfilm I had the honour to work with for a little over two years are really close friends of mine to this day. We had so much fun together. The people who work up there in San Francisco are just the most creative, cool people I had ever gotten to work with before I started working on [Capone]."

Capone premieres on VOD next Friday, May 12th.