Star Wars: Taika Waititi's Movie Rumored to Be Scouting Locations This Year

The last Star Wars movie landed in theaters less than a year ago, but Lucasfilm has kept a tight lid on what movie they could be moving forward with next, with a new rumor claiming that the film that Taika Waititi will be directing could start scouting filming locations before the end of the year. According to The Daily Record, the upcoming film hopes to capture footage of snowy landscapes and mountains in Scotland as soon as December, though neither Waititi himself nor Lucasfilm has offered any official details for the project moving forward, with any sort of plans subject to change due in large part to the coronavirus pandemic.

"It's great that Star Wars have decided to use Scotland's breathtaking scenery for some of their first production shots," a source shared with The Daily Record. "The film is still a few years away thanks to the COVID crisis but it will be very exciting for fans to hear that the ball has started rolling on this highly anticipated movie. Filming will take place in the Highlands and will focus on the hills and surrounding areas."

This new report doesn't offer many details on when the film could potentially move forward, but knowing that the production will move forward in even the slightest capacity is still exciting news for fans.

The outlet added, "It will likely be a small crew and an assistant director heading to Scotland to film over three days."

The next confirmed release date for a Star Wars film is in December of 2023, and with Waititi next working on filming Thor: Love and Thunder, the entire process of bringing that film to life likely means he won't be moving forward on directing his film in the galaxy far, far away for a few years. In addition to directing the film, Waititi is writing the script along with Krysty Wilson-Cairns. In that regard, even while Waititi is filming the new Thor, progress on the script can be made.

Despite fans assuredly having a long wait for a new film ahead of them, Waititi did confirm earlier this summer that he and Wilson-Cairns had begun working on the project, with it being possible that a script could be completed by the end of the year or even early next year.

Stay tuned for details on Taika Waititi's Star Wars movie.


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