The Strange Talent of Luther Strode Getting Film Adaptation From Bloodshot and Power Rangers Producers

Those who have heard the strange tales of Luther Strode are in luck, because The Strange Talent of Luther Strode is coming to the big screen in a new adaptation of Justin Jordan and Tradd Moore's iconic series. The feature film will be helmed by Allnighter with Dinesh Shamdasani, Hunter Gorinson, and Amanda Kruse as producers of The Strange Talent of Luther Strode. The comic from Jordan and Moore was originally published by Image Comics in 2011 before spawning two sequels in a trilogy, including The Legend of Luther Strode and The Legacy of Luther Strode. All three series helped launch the co-creators' careers in the comic industry.

Allnighter's Shamdasani has previous experience bringing comic properties to the big screen, having been instrumental in the success of Valiant Entertainment's relaunch that recently brought Vin Diesel to the big screen as Bloodshot. Now they're turning their attention to Luther Strode!

strange talent of luther strode

"Luther Strode remains one of my very favorite things I've ever worked on and getting the chance to bring it to a new audience as a film is exciting beyond belief," said Justin Jordan. "Especially since Allnighter is dedicated to staying true to all of the foundations – from the tone to the mythology, and, of course, the kinetic action exemplified by Tradd's artwork – that people have loved about the comic."

Image Comics publisher Eric Stephenson spoke out about the new development, praising the original work and expressing excitement for Allnighter's adaptation of The Strange Talent of Luther Strode.

"The Strange Talent of Luther Strode is the type of pitch every publisher dreams of—work by newcomers so anxious to make their mark that every page practically vibrates with indomitable confidence," said Eric Stephenson, Publisher & Chief Creative Officer at Image Comics. "When I first got a look at Luther Strode as a blind submission in my inbox, I was bowled over by the sheer audacity of what Justin and Tradd were creating, and it was an automatic green light. It's going to be exciting to see how this awesome series takes shape in another medium!"

The team behind Allnighter previously came from Hivemind, the crew that helped bring Bloodshot, The Witcher, and The Expanse to life. Shamdasani will work alongside Kruse, a former Lionsgate exec who worked on the Power Rangers reboot, and Gorinson in producing projects for the future.

"Luther Strode is one of the most beloved comic book series of the past decade and with good reason. Not only is it a master-class in the best that comics have to offer, but it's horrifying, heartfelt, and funny all at once. Whether you like superheroes or horror, STRODE is the rare series that equally speaks to the core of both genres and creates fascinating new dimensions in the process," said Allnighter co-founder and partner Dinesh Shamdasani.


"Allnighter is built to celebrate not just the things we love, but the artists that have something new and distinctive to say about them as well. Luther Strode's unique perspective is a perfect example of that mandate in action," added Allnighter co-founder and partner Amanda Kruse.

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