Tales From the Hood Co-Creator Shares Art for New Sequel

Reports of Tales from the Hood 3 emerged last year and, after months of relative silence about the project, recent weeks have seen a promising number of teases emerge, which includes franchise co-creator Rusty Cundieff taking to Twitter to share all-new artwork promoting the new film. While this tease is sure to excite fans, it also comes with some frustrations, as no details have been revealed about when the film will actually be made available nor where audiences will be able to see it. Check out the creepy new image below and stay tuned for details on Tales from the Hood 3.

The series was created by Cundieff and Darin Scott, as they both wrote the original film while Cundieff served as director. On the new film, the pair are both credited as writers, while IMDb also notes that Scott was also a director. Given the anthology nature of the series, it's unclear if they both collaborated on the entire project or if they each helmed their own segments in the feature.

Tales from the Hood 3 is also rated R for "horror violence, disturbing images, sexual content, and language including racist epithets." Earlier this week, the first clip from the film debuted, featuring Tony Todd playing a character attempting to soothe a young child while ghoulish presences lurk nearby. Interestingly, the clip concluded with the film's title card with the SYFY logo integrated, leading some audiences to speculate that the film could be headed to that network or that they will serve as a distributor.

In the 1995 original, a creepy mortician, Mr. Simms (Clarence Williams III) tries to scare a drug-dealing teen named Stack and his two friends that he has trapped in his funeral home. The four urban-themed horror stories Simms tells center around themes and concepts such as police brutality, domestic abuse, racism, and gang violence. Of course, being a horror film, things don't work out so well for the three drug dealers. Turns out they're not trapped in the funeral home, they're dead and in Hell and the stories Simms – who is actually Satan himself – wove lead up to the reveal.

The 2018 sequel to the groundbreaking original film Tales from the Hood reunited executive producer Spike Lee and writers/directors/producers Rusty Cundieff and Darin Scott for an all-new gripping, horrifying, and oftentimes devilishly comical anthology. This next installment kept viewers on the edge of their seats, as they coursed through several stories that explore socially relevant topics from the past and present. Keith David took on the role of the mortician from Williams, though no details about the new film's cast have been released.


Stay tuned for details on Tales from the Hood 3.

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