The Batman: Matt Reeves Talks About the Costume Design

With every new iteration of Batman comes a painstaking process of concocting a new Batsuit — the iconic look a lucky actor will wear for the foreseeable future should their movies have any success. After all, the Batsuit is the look that will make its way to millions of toys and all other areas in the world of consumer products. According to The Batman helmer Matt Reeves, he and the costume designers behind the movie spent a fair amount of time coming up with the look that will end up in the final movie. In fact, Batman star Robert Pattinson even had plenty of say in the development of the suit

"We have of course an incredible costume designer Jacqueline Duran and the bat suit was designed by Glenn Dillon, and they're geniuses," Reeves said during The Batman spotlight at DC FanDome on Saturday. "I mean it's great to work with them but one of the things that's really important is being able to work with the actors like Rob had a very important part in designing the shooting that he had to be able to wear to have a good fight in it and one of the things about this bat suit is that it is. It's very practical."

Reeves went on to explain the reasoning behind Pattinson's inclusion in the development of the suit, pointing out the actor's character was the one who made the outfit in-universe.

"The whole idea is that he's made it himself and so we need to be able to sort of see how it would fit on him in these ways that he could move but also looked like it was something that was still evolving," Reeves added. "Then even the idea of the story, he's in year two, so he's been wearing it so like, he goes every night looking for trouble. So you look at his cow and you can actually see their gashes in it and all of that detail, was an incredibly exciting sort of dialogue between me and the costume designers and then having Rob involved."

The Batman is currently set for release on October 1, 2021.


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