The Dark Knight Rises: John Blake Parodies Call Me Maybe

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Just when you thought all The Dark Knight Rises parody videos were over, here's one more. And no, fortunately it is not about Bane's voice, which seems to have been the subject matter of 99% of the previous parody videos. This latest Dark Knight Rises parody video is actually about John Blake's voice. His singing voice that is. If there is anyone out there who still has not seen The Dark Knight Rises, there are some mild spoilers in the video. In this parody video called "Batman Maybe," John Blake sings a new version of "Call Me, Maybe" to Bruce Wayne. The guy who plays Bruce Wayne in the video does bear a striking resemblance to Christian Bale, but the guy who plays John Blake doesn't look that much like Joseph Gordon-Levitt. My favorite lyric has to be "You tried to look like you were happy, but you were Batman, and really angry." The "Batman Maybe" video was directed by Wesley Freitas.