The Dark Knight Rises MTV Movie Awards Clip Called Amazing

How many of you will be tuning into the 2012 MTV Movie Awards tonight just to watch the new Dark [...]

MTV Movie Award Dark Knight Rises Clip

How many of you will be tuning into the 2012 MTV Movie Awards tonight just to watch the new Dark Knight Rises clip? While the MTV Movie Awards likely had the Twilight and Hunger Games fans at hello, MTV is making a concentrated effort to court comic book movie fans. Even though there are relatively few nominations for superhero movies in the various MTV Movie Awards categories (only Captain America and Thor in the Best Hero category), MTV is playing up the Dark Knight Rises clip for all it's worth. Just in case anyone was thinking about skipping watching the awards and catching the clip online, MTV has also made it clear that the clip will only be shown on the awards show and not on their online site. Of course, it's likely that bootleg copies will soon find their way to YouTube and be met with quick removal requests. While there is no official announcement of exactly what the Dark Knight Rises footage will contain, the use of the word exclusive seems to indicate that MTV will be premiering brand new footage. Whether it is a lot of brand new footage or just previously revealed footage with a couple new scenes mixed in remains to be seen. In a tease on, the network is certainly hyping up the fact that fans will see something special. When asked about the Dark Knight Rises clip, MTV Movie Awards Director Hamish Hamilton says, "Oh, the clip's amazing."

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Highlighting the secrecy that Christopher Nolan is famous for, Hamilton added, "I was put in a room, the door was locked, I was handcuffed, I had a bag over my head, the bag was revealed, they pressed play on the DVD, and I'm sworn to secrecy — but I'm telling you, it's good." The 21st annual MTV Movie Awards airs live on Sunday, June 3, at 9 PM ET on MTV.