The Dark Knight Should Not Rise: Five Reasons Joseph Gordon-Levitt Playing Batman Is A Bad Idea

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The unconfirmed report by a major movie site that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will absolutely play Batman in the upcoming Justice League movie has created quite a stir online. While Joseph Gordon-Levitt has a strong fan base, there are many who have expressed concern over the possibility of him playing Batman for a variety of reasons. Earlier we looked at five reasons why it might be a good idea for Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play Batman, and now we've compiled a list of five reasons why it might be a bad idea. 5. He's Not Bruce Wayne – Over the years, DC Comics has run various storylines involving someone else replacing Bruce Wayne as Batman. However, fans have always revolted against the thought of anyone else being Batman on a permanent bases. It's like having someone replace Clark Kent as Superman. Bruce Wayne is Batman, and he should always be Batman. Any attempt to have anyone else be Batman is a major mistake. Period. 4. He Doesn't Have The Build – Some fans felt Christian Bale looked skinny as Batman in The Dark Knight Rises. If people had a problem with Christian Bale's build, then they are really going to have a problem with Joseph Gordon-Levitt's build. While the actor appears in good shape, he's still a small, skinny guy that hardly looks the part of a physically imposing Batman. 3. He's Not Christian Bale – As much as many fans enjoyed Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake in The Dark Knight Rises, Christian Bale pretty much defined the Batman role. Even though Christian Bale seems to be pretty definite about not reprising the Batman role, many fans are still holding out hope that he might eventually be convinced. If Joseph Gordon-Levitt takes over the Batman role, it adds finality to Christian Bale's run as Batman. 2. Could Mean Future Batman Movies Don't Star Bruce Wayne – Having Joseph Gordon-Levitt play Batman in Justice League also has implications for future Batman movies. Since Warner Bros. wants to build a DC Comics Cinematic Universe, they will want whoever plays Batman in Justice League to be a part of re-launching the Batman film franchise. If Bruce Wayne isn't Batman in the Justice League movies, then that means Bruce Wayne probably won't be Batman in future Batman movies. While fans might could live with a replacement for one movie, the thought of no Bruce Wayne going forward is concerning. 1. It Goes Against Christopher Nolan's Vision Of The Dark Knight Trilogy – Christopher Nolan wanted his Dark Knight trilogy to stand alone. The director never involved other superheroes in his trilogy, because it would have hurt the realistic tone he tried to create.  The Dark Knight trilogy was never intended to be a part of a larger DC Comics Cinematic Universe. If Warner Bros. tries to weave The Dark Knight trilogy into the Justice League movie, then they would be going against Christopher Nolan's wishes.