The Last Blockbuster Director Reveals Update on Back to the Future Too

Just over a week ago, The Last Blockbuster filmmaker Taylor Morden announced that he would be [...]

Just over a week ago, The Last Blockbuster filmmaker Taylor Morden announced that he would be gathering fans to do an ambitious remake of Back to the Future Part II, with 88 fans taking on one-minute scenes, which would then be produced over a week and assembled by Morden. The deadline has passed, and while the project is still waiting on a small number of scenes to come in, Morden released an update to Facebook, which also served as something of a teaser trailer for the project, which he is calling Back to the Future Too. Fans have used live-action, animation, puppets, cardboard, and bananas, among other things, to recreate the movie.

"In this time of quarantine and self isolation, we wanted to come up with a fun creative project that people could do to work together towards a common goal," Morden said when the project was announced. The website adds, "This is meant to be a creative outlet during the social distancing and self quarantining of 2020, please don't get groups together (except virtually) to make these, just work with what you have. Stay safe and have fun!"

You can check the video out below.

With a rapidly-changing cast (given the nature of the project), a franchise like Back to the Future is one of the few ways a project like this could work. Many of the people making the scenes (and watching it once it's finished) are likely to be people who have seen the films over and over again, so as long as the delivery is right, it's unlikely people will be confused about what's going on.

Morden, in the video (which is basically part-trailer, part-update, and mostly a chance to show off the work that has been handed in so far), essentially reveals that the reason he wanted to go with Back to the Future Part II rather than the first movie was hoverboards. More broadly, he probably mearns the effects-heavy future and fantasy scenes in the second movie, which was bound to create a lot of creativity, especially among amateur filmmakers working on a nothing budget with one week to shoot.

The project was set to be wrapped by now, with a projected release date coming in the next week or so. Morden is in editing, but considering that not all of the scenes are in yet, it could be another week or two before Project 88/Back to the Future Too is on YouTube for all to see.