The New Mutants Photos Reveal First Look at Terrifying Villains the Smiley Men

Photos from The New Mutants reveal a first look at some terrifying villains, The Smiley Men. The images come from Cinefex magazine's issue 170. Illyana's past will be crucial in bringing these terrors to life. The New Mutants has had a bizarre road to this point and with no release in sight, things figure to get stranger. It seemed like it would only be a matter of time before plot details and leaks made their way onto the web in some capacity. Fans are trying to piece together any information that they can after all this time waiting. In fact, the coronavirus pandemic has only added to the frustration as the movie suffered yet another delay en route to a release. Some people have speculated that this could mean a release on Hulu at some point, but nothing about that has materialized as of the time of writing.

Disney moved it from its April 3rd release date because of the pandemic and the calls for it to release on Hulu or Disney+ began almost immediately. After all, this film began life as a 20th Century Fox project. Things were going to get weird with The New Mutants the second that the company changed hands. There was a lot riding on this film because of that assemblage of talents and its tenuous link to the larger X-Men franchise. Well, that previous series of movies is all-but over as Marvel Studios is going to figure out a way to reboot the characters into their continuity. The New Mutants is left in a precarious position and everything is up in the air.'s Charlie Ridgely wrote that the lack of an immediate release could be a good thing for The New Mutants.

(Photo: Cinefex Magazine #170)

"Because Disney believes The New Mutants is a movie worth releasing in theaters," he began. "This studio is sending Artemis Fowl, a $100M+ young adult adaptation, directly to its Disney+ streaming service, where people can watch it for free. The same thing could easily be done with The New Mutants, but Disney continues to strive for a theatrical release."

"If you haven't paid attention to the box office at all over the last few years, there's a really interesting trend that warrants a mention here because it directly affects the release of New Mutants. PG-13 horror films tend to do incredibly well," Ridgely continued. "Most of them don't cost a ton of money to make, but young audiences flock to them because they provide a few scares and the teens are actually allowed to buy tickets for themselves. Blumhouse has literally built an empire on the backs of this very audience."


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