Rare 'Darkness Falls' Video Of Doug Jones In Original, Unused Tooth Fairy Design

A rare video of actor Doug Jones as the malicious Tooth Fairy — the eventual villain of 2003 [...]

A rare video of actor Doug Jones as the malicious Tooth Fairy — the eventual villain of 2003 horror Darkness Falls — has surfaced online, showing the creature's original design.

Jones, who is best known for makeup-heavy roles in productions Hellboy and Hellboy II, Pan's Labyrinth, and The Shape of Water, was set to portray the twisted creature before the film's focus was changed by director Jonathan Liebesman, who opted not to utilize Jones or FX guru Steve Wang's original designs.

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"It came out so long ago now, but was just reminded of the fact that the wonderful Doug Jones was originally cast to play the Tooth Fairy in DARKNESS FALLS. The original monster design, by the great Steve Wang, were licensed as McFarlane Movie Maniacs action figures before the film was reshot using a less-inspired creature design (IMHO), and Doug's performance only exists in some smuggled out pics and a short video I just found."

Darkness Falls co-writer Joe Harris, who penned and directed the 2001 short on which the big screen horror was based, posted a behind-the-scenes photo to Instagram showing Jones in Wang's original costume.

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"This is the only video I could find (I forget the source honestly) of Doug Jones in a makeup test for the Tooth Fairy role (eventually redesigned in the released film, Darkness Falls). I co-wrote the screenplay for that Sony release (after the studio bought the short film I wrote and directed). A lot of stuff happened over the course of this crazy production, but the original TF design was a creative high point. Sorry for the crappy resolution. This tiny .mov file is all I could find."

Harris also shared a low-quality video of Jones' original costume test, which Harris describes as a "creative high point" of the production's earliest stages. The filmmaker previously offered a close-up look at the intricately detailed design on Twitter back in 2015:

Darkness Falls grossed $47 million worldwide on an $11 million dollar budget.

Jones, working once again with frequent collaborator Guillermo del Toro, is garnering high-praise for romantic fantasy The Shape of Water, where the oft-disguised actor plays the Amphibian Man.