The Suicide Squad Director Reveals Actors He Wrote Roles For Before Meeting

James Gunn wrote The Suicide Squad with some actors already in mind for parts, despite not having met some of them before they talked about the upcoming DC Comics movie. Gunn recently revealed on Twitter that he wrote roles for both Idris Elba and Joaquin Cosio without having met them but knowing them from their previous work. In the case of Cosio, he knew he wanted him in a specific part after talking with Narcos executive producer Eric Newman. Newman told Gunn that Cosio was his "favorite actor ever," and Gunn decided he wanted the actor. When he first met Cosio, he sent a photo to Newman of the two together.

Cosio's role in The Suicide Squad has not yet been revealed. Elba, originally thought by fans to be playing Vigilante, has been revealed as Bloodsport. The complete list of cast members, characters, and where they come from in the pages of DC Comics was broken down in a video on You can watch it here or above.

Gunn's tweet which has the photo of him with Cosio from their first meeting can be seen in the tweet below!

"I rarely write roles for actors I've never met, but I did exactly that for @idriselba in #TheSuicideSquad & couldn't be happier I did - you went beyond my expectations as an actor AND as a human being," Gunn wrote in an Instagram post alongside a capture from The Suicide Squad's star-studded DC FanDome panel. "I can't wait for folks to see you as #Bloodsport."

Teasing Elba's Bloodsport role in an August tweet, Gunn remarked he hadn't seen "a single person" guess that the Luther star is playing Bloodsport. The DC comic books depict DuBois, one of three people to adopt the mantle of Bloodsport, as a paramilitary-styled mercenary who is gripped by his obsession with the Vietnam War.

As for Cosio, his role is yet to be revealed.


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The Suicide Squad will hit theaters on August 6, 2021.