Suicide Squad Director Indicates He's Not Seen Anyone Online Guess Who Idris Elba Is Playing

DC FanDome will have some big reveals, as everything from The Batman and Wonder Woman to Suicide [...]

DC FanDome will have some big reveals, as everything from The Batman and Wonder Woman to Suicide Squad Kills The Justice League and the Arrowverse will be making an appearance of some kind at the 24-hour event. One of the most anticipated events will be the panel with James Gunn and the cast of The Suicide Squad, which promises to be an entertaining affair just by who is involved. That said, we hopefully will get some clarity regarding Idris Elba's mystery character, as it's been rumored to be everyone from Deadshot and Deathstroke to Bronze Tiger. Crazily enough it seems none of those may be right according to Gunn's latest tweet.

It all started with Elba's most recent tweet, which referred to the Suicide Squad FanDome event. Elba wrote "Been looking forward to this! Might even reveal who I'm playing...."

That's when Gunn replied with a tease that suggests no one online has managed to crack this secret yet. Gunn said "Here's the craziest part. I don't think I've seen a single person online EVER guess who you're playing."

That prompted Nathan Fillion, who is also in the film and also boasts a mystery character at the moment, to respond and confirm that he has no idea who Elba is playing.

Fillion wrote "I can't even guess and I was there for his costume fitting. Outside the room."

From Gunn's tweet it would appear that Elba is not playing Deadshot, Deathstroke, or Bronze Tiger, since those are the picks that have been most prevalent online. So, that leaves a huge list of crazy DC characters he could be, and we cannot wait to find out who his mystery character is, since it is bound to be one of the more entertaining characters with a name like Elba attached.

You can find the official description for DC FanDome below.

"On Saturday, August 22, join fans around the world for a 24-hour show with the biggest stars, filmmakers, and creators from the world of DC. See exclusive content behind the biggest films, TV series, games, and comics. Hear the latest news, be the first to see new footage, and more!"

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