Margot Robbie Says There's an Insane Harley Quinn Sequence in The Suicide Squad

DC FanDome has providing fans with a lot of behind-the-scenes details surrounding The Suicide Squad, James Gunn's upcoming take on the DC Comics mythos. The highly-anticipated film will unite a roster of new characters with a handful of DC veterans, including Margot Robbie's take on Harley Quinn. Fans already got to see brief glimpses of footage of Harley (and the multiple costumes she'll wear in the film) at DC FanDome: Hall of Heroes last month, but Robbie just dropped a major tease of what fans can expect from her role in the film. During a FanDome fan Q&A, Robbie was asked what the toughest scene was to film in The Suicide Squad.

"I don't want to give it away. When you watch the movie, it's probably about halfway through. There's an insane sequence that Harley does which was one of the most difficult things I've ever shot onscreen. And we shot it in like four days and I remember looking at the schedule and being like 'Oh my god, we're not going to be able to do this. This is gonna be impossible.' And we did it, but it was hard, and I was beat up by the end of it, like really beat up. But James was actually just texting me before and he said that scene looks amazing. That whole sequence apparently looks really cool, so when you see the movie, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about."

While there's no telling exactly what this sequence might be, it's clear that it will represent a culmination of a pretty epic extension of Harley's onscreen journey.

"I can tell you that [The Suicide Squad is] going to be incredible," Robbie explained of the film in a previous interview. "And again, it's just interesting to see what a different filmmaker makes of Gotham and these characters and Harley, really. I'm fascinated by what James Gunn finds interesting in her compared to what [Birds of Prey director] Cathy [Yan] finds interesting, compared to what [Suicide Squad director] David [Ayer] found interesting about her. [James is] such a comic book lover, so it's going to be rooted in the source material, which is always important to me."


“I always have such a ball playing Harley Quinn. Every time I’ve done it, I learn new things about her, and this movie’s no different," Robbie said in a recent DC FanDome promo video. "When Harley’s put in a different group of people, and put in a different place, you’re going to see different aspects of her personality coming out, depending on how she feels about those people or the things she’s doing. So you get to see new sides of Harley again, and she’s in a new group of people, a big group of people, and it’s insane. As always, it’s crazy fun.”

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