Todd McFarlane Teases New Marvel and DC Talent Joining Spawn Movie

Todd McFarlane will bring that long-awaited Spawn movie news to fans today, ahead of this weekend's New York Comic Con. The comic book legend appeared on New York's Q104.3, teasing that DC and Marvel fans will be "very, very excited" when he makes an announcement today, which involves "new talent." The implication seeming to be that whoever he is bringing on board has a DC and/or Marvel pedigree, and that it will help fans believe that the movie -- which McFarlane has been teasing for years -- is finally ready to move foward.

Jamie Foxx, according to McFarlane, is not only still on board, but impatient, reaching out to McFarlane frequently to try to get things moving faster. But who's going to be joining him? Well, we'll find that out at noon ET.

"If anybody is into Marvel movies and DC movies, we've added some new talent, and so the geeks out there will be very, very excited when they hear the news. That'll be at noon. They'll go 'Who's joining the team? Oh my God, this is legit. They might actually make this movie!'"

You can see a short video below.

McFarlane was previously in talks with Blumhouse, the studio behind numerous high-concept horror franchises, but it sounds like if they are still on board, the deal isn't so "done" that he is ready to announce a start date.


"I think in between [The Boys and a traditional horror movie]. We've got a different group of people on board, and they might not be as darkly bent as I am," McFarlane told back in July. "If you ask me, I'd make it ugly, dark, make children cry. But the play we're trying for, and we'll see whether it works, and we'll know by the end of this year -- we're taking a pretty big moonshot of what we think we can pull off in Hollywood. If we can pull it off, it will be a big deal, financially, and once you get into those conversations, they're going to want to do it in a way that they can then get their money back. So somebody else's definition of mature and sophisticated and dark may not match what I want, but at some point, if we end up consummating that deal, then they have the right to get their money back. I would want the same thing in return. I do know who's involved, I do know the direction it's heading through right now. I think the visual of the character itself will dictate part of it, and we designed that character a couple of years ago. Greg Nicotero did that, so all that's there, and I'm hoping that I can still get that -- even if you dampen it down from my darkness, if you've got this look, then I think you'll keep the seriousness of what we're trying to do."