Transformers: Age Of Extinction - Optimus Prime Eats An Oreo

Optimus Prime - Oreo

Apparently, when he's not fighting giant robot dinosaurs or complaining about how humanity doesn't love him anymore, Optimus Prime spends his time shooting commercials to make some endorsement money. Most recently, he filmed a commercial for Oreo. In the advertisement, Optimus Prime is getting knocked around and ends up landing at the feet of some kid on his bike. The kid places an Oreo in Optimus's hand and suddenly Optimus feels better. Do Transformers even eat Oreos? I thought they preferred chrome-alloy cakes and chocolate covered oil barrels for dessert? Of course, Optimus doesn't even have a proper mouth, so I assume he's just planning on throwing that Oreo at his enemies anyway. Transformers: Age of Extinction comes to theaters June 27.