Tremors Star Michael Gross Tells Fans How They Can Get Another Movie

Tremors franchise star Michael Gross has advice for fans who are wondering whether last week's [...]

Tremors franchise star Michael Gross has advice for fans who are wondering whether last week's Tremors: Shrieker Island is the final installment in the long-running franchise. Shrieker Island -- the seventh film in a series that also includes a short-lived TV series and much more -- ends on a shocking note that seems to imply the series itself might be over and that Gross can finally hang up his baseball cap and aviators in recognition of a job well done for Burt Gummer, the man who has become the de facto hero of the franchise since more or less everyone else left after the first two movies.

It's basically the same as he's always said: buy the movie. The first Tremors, after all, was a box office flop but a huge hit on VHS, and kickstarted a direct-to-video franchise that has continued for decades.

"There are no guarantees, but for those who wonder aloud if this is the final film, I will say what I have said before: SALES drive sequels," Gross told his fans. "Show biz is 5% show and 95% business, so if this latest addition to the Tremors franchise, sells well, [Universal] will follow the money, and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment may will be back for more."

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Posted by Michael Gross on Monday, October 26, 2020

Spoilers ahead for Tremors: Shrieker Island.

"Universal and the director [came] to me with this idea, and they said, 'This could be emotionally very powerful, if we have to say goodbye to this man after 30 years,'" franchise star Michael Gross told "And I hemmed and hawed, and I thought about it a little bit. And I said, 'You're absolutely right about the emotional gut punch this can be.' And I said, 'You're going to hurt a lot of people's feelings.' And I said, 'But I thought this franchise was over after four. So I could certainly live with it being over after seven.'"

So the movie seemed to end with Burt's death -- although it isn't a guarantee.

"What we negotiated -- well, it wasn't really a negotiation, we all agreed on this -- is that we kind of left the door open," Gross admitted. "Because although Burt is gone, we never see a corpse. We never see his remains. Everybody assumes he's gone. Is he buried somewhere? Is he unconscious somewhere? We never see Burt dead. We see Burt gone. We see Burt not returning. What does that mean? Has he been knocked out? Does he have amnesia somewhere? Does he wander off? Is he in a kind of coma? So yes, the way it ends is pretty profound."

Tremors: Shrieker Island is available on DVD, Blu-ray, and on demand now.