We Can Be Heroes: Robert Rodriguez Shares Adorable Video of Vivien Lyra Blair’s Stunt Training

We Can Be Heroes hit Netflix on Christmas Day and follows a group of powered kids who must save their famous superhero parents from alien kidnappers. One such kid is 8-year-old Vivien Lyra Blair who is best known for playing Girl is Bird Box. Blair plays Guppy, the daughter of beloved heroes Sharkboy and Lavagirl. ComicBook.com recently had the chance to chat with Blair, who revealed that she did her own stunts in the movie. In fact, director Robert Rodriguez took to Instagram this week to share an adorable video of Blair's stunt training.

"Here's Guppy during her very first session of stunt training! A Happy New Years gift for those who asked if the kids in #WeCanBeHeroes are really doing all their own stunts," Rodriguez shared. You can view the video in the post below:

"I go to a Taekwondo school," Blair revealed to ComicBook.com when asked about Guppy's action scenes. "So, I had trained before it, since I was five. So, actually, on Thursday, I'm testing for my brown belt. And it's brown, brown stripe, black belt. So, I am super excited and I got to do a lot of that. I did all of my own stunts and yeah, that was pretty cool."

ComicBook.com also had the chance to chat with Rodriguez about the movie and he shared what he loves about Sharkboy and Lavagirl.

"I always wanted to do something again with them 'cause I just love those characters," Rodriguez explained. "They were like the original little kids' superheroes. And I didn't come up with it, my son did, and I thought, 'Wow, that's amazing.' That's what a kid really loves, empowerment. And why not have shark strength and be half-boy, half-shark, or have the powers of lava?"


He added, "I delivered [Netflix] the script and we came up with a bunch of characters. It was like 16 kids with superpowers, but none of them had shark strength, which I kept wanting to steal from that movie because it was such a good one. It was like we cracked the code a long time ago. That was a good one and the lava one... They borrow Spider-Man sometimes for like an Avengers movie, so I would borrow the parents, have them be parents, that way I can have this little super-kid named Guppy who's got both of their powers combined. Why not, instead of having two kids with the powers, have one kid with that combined power. So, they let us do that."

We Can Be Heroes is now streaming on Netflix.