Will The Dark Knight Rises Live On In Comic Books?

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Christopher Nolan says that The Dark Knight Rises was his last Batman movie, but could The Dark Knight Rises live on in comic books? It's always been somewhat of a mystery as to why DC Comics hasn't done more to try to utilize the success of The Dark Knight Rises at the cinema to boost comic book sales. With Christopher Nolan known for his secrecy, it's possible that he just wouldn't allow DC Comics to do a comic book adaptation out of fear that plot details would leak out. However, now that that the secrets of Nolan's final Batman movie are already revealed, could it open the door for DC Comics to capitalize on the popularity of the movie? It's certainly starting to look that way. DC Comics just recently announced a Dark Knight Rises Prologue motion comic that will be available on Nokia phones. DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan Didio also strongly hinted that Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character John Blake could be showing up in the comic books. With Smallville Season 11 finding success as a comic book after the TV series came to an end, it would make sense for DC Comics to try to test the waters with The Dark Knight Rises. While, spoiler alert, the ending of The Dark Knight Rises might make it challenging for DC Comics to continue the series, there are a number of directions they could explore. Since there were eight years between The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, DC Comics could do exactly what they are doing with the Nokia app and tell some stories that occurred before The Dark Knight Rises. And DC Comics  could also do what Dan Didio hinted at and tell some stories involving John Blake. DC Comics could even pick up exactly where The Dark Knight Rises ended and tell the continuing stories of all the characters. What do you think? Do you want to see a Dark Knight Rises comic book? Or should the film end how it ended with no more stories to be told?