Wonder Woman 1984: Gal Gadot Reveals New Look at Golden Eagle Armor

While the film industry is continuing to be in a state of flux due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there still are a slew of upcoming blockbusters that fans are excited to see in the future. Wonder Woman 1984 is definitely chief among them, with the hope that Gal Gadot's return as the Princess of Themyscira will be able to be properly enjoyed on the big screen. Ahead of the film's current December release date, fans recently got to see a new look at Wonder Woman's costume, courtesy of Gadot herself. On Sunday, Gadot took to Twitter to share two covers from Rolling Stone Columbia -- one of Gadot herself, and one of her dressed in the film's "Golden Eagle" armor.

In the comics, Diana first dons the costume in the 1996 Kingdom Come storyline, and it was incorporated into the main continuity by 1999. By and large, the armor is justified as being a way to further protect the hero wearing it, with the wings also giving the wearer the ability to fly. Given what Diana has to face in Wonder Woman 1984 - particularly the animalistic powers of Barbara Ann Minerva/Cheetah (Kristen Wiig) - that suit will surely come in handy in some way.

"You call it the Golden Eagle Armor, but actually I just call it the Golden Armor," WW84 costume designer Lindy Hemming told ComicBook.com earlier this year. "It's the most powerful protection armor that was worn by her mother originally and somehow or other in the story, which I don't want to sort of give away, it ends up being with [Diana] in Washington. And so when she's really threatened by everything she resorts to wearing the Golden Armor, and that was a fabulous challenge to design it because when I inherited Wonder Woman, the first one, obviously Michael Wilkinson had already worked and done a design for Wonder Woman's armor, from the cut what she looks like in the comic. So, I had to inherit and modify that."

"Every single piece of it is real, including the underbody suit, which looks almost like it's been put on digitally, but it isn't," Hemming continued. "And then of course, during the filming and in the work afterwards...the suit is enhanced sometimes I feel, although I haven't seen the film, so, but I would have imagined that because we were trying so hard, I wanted to have, partly wanted to have this sort of magical quality about it, instead of it just looking like a suit of armor, because it's coming from the magical goddess past. We made it in a fabric, which Pierre Bohanna had invented a way of using gold and a mirror effect. So every piece was like a mirror, but the challenge was the mirror couldn't show the crew. So you can imagine it was really, really complicated. Because anytime she was wearing it, you must not be able to see cameras or lights or anything, you know. Anyway, he had invented this fabric, which somehow is mirror-like, but does not reflect in a clear way. You sort of feel it swirling almost hence the posters with the kind of swirling look to them. And it seemed like it was very, very '80s to do that. And that's the period we're dealing with of course. So it was a crossover between a really '80s glitzy marvelous thing, and a sort of magical almost sometimes translucent almost sometimes disappearing and being able to be seen technical fabric."


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