Wonder Woman 1984 Reveals New Look at Pedro Pascal's Maxwell Lord

Wonder Woman 1984 has revealed a new look at Pedro Pascal's Maxwell Lord at CCXP. People had been looking forward to the movie's panel at the virtual event, and they weren't disappointed. They got some brand new footage of Diana riding the lightning and of course Pascal's sneering villain too. With WW84 heading to HBO Max in a few weeks, it makes all the sense in the world to ramp up the visuals. That decision has been a contested one so far, but in the interest of keeping American audiences safe, it does make sense. There's no question that Patty Jenkins' film will be the number one attraction for a lot of families on the 25th. From today's footage, people are thinking it will be in their best interests to go see it again in theaters when they open up near their communities. At any rate, Max Lord will be waiting to welcome them in when the time comes.

In a previous interview Gal Gadot spoke about acting alongside Pascal in WW84. "I had many different fun moments working with him, but I can only say that the most memorable one, probably that I can really talk about, is in the beginning of the movie," she explained. "When Diana Prince meets Max Lord, let's just say she's never met anyone like him before. That's all I can say."

Jenkins also had to chime in about the villain, "Max Lord is a character very much of the time period the movie is in, he's the King of Infomercials, and he's selling a dream to the public, and he'll do anything to be successful. But sometimes when you get what you want, greatness comes with a price. So that's Maxwell Lord."

(Photo: DC Entertainment)

Kristen Wiig's character will have a bit of an entanglement with Lord as well. Both of them are going to present quite the challenge for Diana when things begin to heat up on HBO Max later this month. Often times, villains in these movies have overwhelming strength or some sort of futuristic tech on their side. But, in all of the promotional material it feels like Max will present a different challenge entirely. He's the king of persuasion, so the battle might be a bit more cerebral this time around


Will you be watching WW84 on Christmas Day? Or will you be waiting for it to hit the theaters? Let us know down in the comments!