Wonder Woman 1984 Director Addresses if She Will Add Another DC Comics Hero To Third Film

Patty Jenkins will be back for a third Wonder Woman, but fans shouldn't expect a Wonder Woman v [...]

Patty Jenkins will be back for a third Wonder Woman, but fans shouldn't expect a Wonder Woman v Superman scenario. The director spoke to CinePop about the upcoming release of Wonder Woman 1984, which released a new trailer at CCXP over the weekend. While she appreciates the crossover movie craze, she says that's not her style. "I think that there are people out the doing great mash-up movies," she says. "That's not my cup of tea. I love a very powerful singular story. You never know if something will come along that will make us feel like that would be intrinsic to the story, but I would never do it for any other reason."

While she doesn't plan to stock up on superheroes in her own movie, she does believe Wonder Woman has helped to pave the way for more female-led superhero movies. "I definitely know that when we were making our film, everybody even publicly talked about how we were going to fail. Everybody assumed we were going to fail and that nobody would go see a movie like this. I thought it made no sense at all. Luckily I was blind to it… and now I see a lot more being made. Success and money make a big message in the world, and I'm so glad we had those things not only for ourselves, of course, that's great, but also to show the world that's possible with female superheroes and female-led films.

As for how Wonder Woman 1984 builds on the first movie's success, Jenkins says the film is both a sequel, carrying on from where the first movie left off while also being a standalone story. "It is of course a sequel. We're not rebooting it. But it is very much its own movie. We were very grateful for the success of the first film, and what we didn't want to do is shovel more and end up dampening what that was. We wanted to leave that as what it was and make an entirely new movie with a totally new feel. It carries on a story, but it's its own story complete."

Are you excited about Wonder Woman 1984? Do you wish we'd see Wonder Woman with another DC Comics hero in the next movie? Let us know how you feel about it in the comments section. Wonder Woman 1984 releases in theaters and on HBO Max on Christmas Day, December 25th.