World War Z: "Crisis Zero" Public Service Announcement

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In most zombie fiction, people find things to call the zombies besides, well, "zombies." World War Z is an interesting property in that, like author Max Brooks's Zombie Survival Guide before it, it acknowledges the "zed word," as they say in Shaun of the Dead. The movie, though? Maybe not. Welcome to "Crisis Zero," a new viral campaign launched by the folks producing World War Z. Michael Kim of the Global Health Agency addresses the audience to talk about this inexplicable series of incidents that, fans will know, will lead to a full-blown war between the living and the undead. But..."Crisis Zero" is suspicious. Have they found a way to keep the "World War Z" branding while still steering away from using "zombie" in any of the promotional materials and such? If so, it's both clever and cynical all at once... Hey, while you're here, you just know you want to read our interview with World War Z creator Max Brooks.