Zack Snyder's Justice League Trailer: Major Differences From Original Film Explained

Zack Snyder's Justice League trailer is here and this is a whole new experience which really doesn't resemble what we got in theaters… at all. The official trailer for Zack Snyder's Justice League dropped during DC FanDome and all the fans were screaming "Hallelujah!" Not only because a lot of them treat Zack Snyder like a god but also because that was the in-no-yway-accidental song choice for this trailer. There wasn't much dialogue until the end of the trailer, but the action beats and looks at this alternate, original version which is going to be a 4-part series on HBO Max looked pretty great.

The full breakdown of the trailer can be seen in the video above. Note: some additions to the script used in the video above have been added to this article after some smart points were made in the video's comment section!

The trailer starts and we see Darkseid immediately. Technically, this is Uxas, as that's the younger version of Darkseid. This is DC's biggest villain and in this title he is played by Ray Porter. Uaxs has got the shirtless look going, which might be meant to imply how easy it is for him to dispose of entire planets. When he has to fight the Justice League, he'll probably be wearing armor and have evolved into Darkseid.

We get the dystopian future Knightmare sequence from the future, the Justice League has been fully established and fully destroyed as we can see on the bottom of the screen. Aquaman's trident is forked into the ground and a playing card with a Joker logo on it flies by.

Shots of Superman rising in one painful way or another (we see a shot of him dying by Doomsday in Batman v Superman), Diana finds a flaming arrow from Themyscira which could be indicating Steppenwolf's arrival, Bruce trying to figure out how to revive Superman, Aquaman being all sexy, and Victor Stone playing football which is one of the major things we were stripped of in the movie.

Barry Allen ditches a transaction to shatter some glass and sprint to rescue Iris West from a car which she might have been inside of as it was flipping. Surely, it would have killed he. This was completely cut from the movie, we never met the Kiersey Klemons version of Iris West. Barry has no shoes on because he probably burnt them off running to her. Iris is making eyes at him, teasing their comic book romance? He saved her life -- and her role in this franchise possibly.

We do see Victor Stone punching the ground above a grave. This is probably his father's grave. Silas Stone gets wiped from existence during some sort of experiment with a Motherbox at Star Labs, and this has a strikingly similar look to how Dr. Manhattan is made in Watchmen. Could be a coincidence? Maybe. It looks like this why Cyborg is crying and stumbling forward in a later shot. Despite how emotional this all looks, it's hard to not be excited about The Flash being in Star Labs.

If we freeze this all at the 1:41 mark of the trailer, there's lots of action bits going by, but one of them has Black Suit Superman charging at Steppenwolf. We absolutely did not get that in 2017 and Superman just absolutely clobbers the junior villain.

There's also a shot of Barry Allen where all the matter around him is just zipping past him. This is almost certainly Barry in the Speed Force. Maybe he's traveling back to Batman v Superman to give that warning to Bruce Wayne, and that would explain the whole, "I'm too early" line, because based on the look on his face, he's still learning how to use it? Otherwise, this could be after something goes terribly wrong and he is messing with the timeline for another reason.

At 1:54, We also get a look at Atlan wielding the true Trident fighting off Parademons. Atlan was the King of Atlantis and in Aquaman we saw Arthur Curry have to take the trident out of his skeleton's hand so… this might not end super well for him.

And, the money shot, the Justice League as they will appear in Zack Snyder's Justice League. No crazy mustaches, no bright colors, just the heroes from the original plan.


The final shot of Cyborg as the group is getting ready to take on Darskeid "united," is probably not a finalized VFX model, that will probably improve for the HBO Max release, so focus more on how awesome it is to see Cyborg controlling rockets in the air.

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