Aquaman Costume Almost Had A Crusty Look

We’ve already posted about the different looks for Superman’s new costume and Wonder Woman’s new costume in the sketchbook in Justice League #1. However, of all the different costume looks that were under consideration, Aquaman has to be our absolute favorite.

As you can see below, the original new DC Universe design for Aquaman had a very crustacean-looking armor. According to a note in the Justice League sketchbook, this Aquaman costume look was considered too detailed and “crusty” a look for the regal, majestic King of the Seven Seas.

Aquaman new costume However, all hope might not be lost of seeing this costume look. Another note in the Justice League sketchbook says that maybe an Atlantean foot sorder will carry this mantle. If DC Comics had gone with this particular Aquaman costume design, it certainly would have been a radical change. To me, this is the type of Aquaman costume that would be a righteous look to use in an Aquaman movie.