Arrow Season 2.5: Details on the Suicide Squad Backup Revealed

The Suicide Squad backup story that will play as a B-plot in Marc Guggenheim, Keto Shimizu and Joe Bennett's Arrow Season 2.5 will resolve itself in an oversized issue down the line, the writers told Nerdist.

The team, which is being considered for a spinoff of its own and which Shimizu assures fans will appear on Arrow's third season, will head to Black Adam's homeland for an adventure that the writer says would be nearly impossible to do on TV.

"Certainly we get to go bigger and bolder in this format, doing things that we can’t really accomplish with our production schedule and with our production budget – really spectacular action sequences, huge explosions," Shimizu explained. "In addition to that we can go places we can’t go in the show. We’re going to be doing a Suicide Squad [story] throughout this series that will be pages here and there and then wrapping up with a double digital issue/single print issue. That will take us to [the country of] Kahndaq, which is something we could never do on the show just because it’s impossible to shoot it. We’ll get to get into some geopolitics that we normally don’t really do on the show, a political fantasy of 'What if the Suicide Squad could go in and fix some of these awful things that are happening in the world?' [Laughs.]"

The digital comic launched last week, alternating with the just-released The Flash Season ZeroArrow returns to the air on October 8, the day after The Flash debuts on The CW.